Saturday, October 17, 2009


Dear Colleagues, Friends and Delegates to the Second International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees!
Only 14 days left before our Second Assembly in Athens, Greece!
May we request all organizations, and even individuals, to send SOLIDARITY MESSAGES or GREETINGS to the Second International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees.
The messsages/greetings need not be long, and could be just one paragraph (or even catchy one-liners). We will display your messages during the assembly for our Greek friends and assembly participants to see, and compile them as part of our official documentation.
You may also forward this email to organizations or individuals you know that/who are one with us in spirit and principle, to make the Second IAMR a success. All messages would surely inspire the Assembly.
May we have your messages before Oct 31? Please send them to the following email addresses:
Your militant messages and greetings would keep us warm and inspired during and even beyond the assembly!
Long live the struggle of migrants and refugees for their rights and welfare!
Long live the International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees!
iamr2 secretariat
(Please do not reply to this email after October 27 because we shall be in Athens by that time).

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  1. Dear friends at IAMR2,

    Could you please change the color of the print in this article so we can read it (it comes out white on my screen, thus impossible to read).

    Thank you in advance, and best of luck with the Assembly!!

    Malcolm Guy with IMA-Canada in Montreal